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"This was a proposal. " Any time, nothing is lost! On the contrary, the experience of friendship is to feel the affection and respect in its entirety, is a given that God has given us. And today I can say I have the courage to have my friends on tumblr!
All love is the light source of life and wealth sowed the seed constants are his wounds again, it is love that takes us from the air with him .. shoot, falls, gets up to grow to appreciate it, how incredible, unforgettable love making, if it is eternal is rich from pure is the love that came out of the soul or even leave it there ....
What a terrible mistake to let go of something wonderful for something real.
Miranda July, No One Belongs Here More Than You (via teenager90s)

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2 days ago
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Her Naughtiness


She hides it so well
you could never tell
just by the look
in her eyes
she is way to shy
but in playing the game
of not revealing
she offers the key
to unlock her mystery

and I know
she’s naughty as Hell

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4 days ago
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My One True Love


My angel of mercy
my morning dove
the fairest of all
my one true love

Goddess of light
your golden rays
will be my delight
for all of my days

Stay with me now
and depart never
my one true love
you will be forever

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I’m still hoping it’s you and me in the end.